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Golden Light from Above

Golden Light from Above

I honestly can’t remember if Canyon X was any better than the other slot canyons I visited near Page, Arizona. But, I do know that there were only three people in Canyon X when I was there, and for that reason alone I loved it. I was with one guide and one other photographer, and we could take our time photographing this lesser seen and visited canyon.

Just because it is less visited than its more famous neighbors doesn’t mean it is any less spectacular. I captured hundreds of images in this canyon, and it seemed whichever way I turned, and whichever way I looked, there was another incredible scene begging to be captured.

As the day wore on, and the sun climbed higher in the sky, the light from above streamed more directly into the canyon, penetrating the long narrow opening above. Hitting the canyon walls at different angles, being redirected by the unique curves and straight edges in the walls, the light painted the warmest colors and immensely vibrant hues as it worked its way through to the canyon floor. With gentle curves and sharp straight lines, this scene was crafted by the light from above that cast dark shadows and bright highlights, and solar yellows and deep oranges.

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