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Abstract X

Abstract X

Sometimes it’s difficult, if not impossible, to explain why I like one of my images better than another. This is such a time.

I had a great time shooting in Canyon X near Page, Arizona in December 2013, and came away with many good images; even a few spectacular images. It was only later, as I was working on this image that it began to stick out above the rest. In fact, at first I was a bit surprised this image caught my eye, so I let it sit for a few months to make sure. But, no matter how many days I let pass between viewings, I kept capturing my attention and imagination.

What is it that draws me to this image? I wish I could say definitively; alas, I can’t. I think it has to do with the vibrancy, the lines and swirls that lead the eye through the frame, the fact that it’s impossible to know which way is up or down, and the contrast. All of it just comes together in this image. That’s why I enjoy spending time looking at it.

This image was captured at Canyon X, which is why I’ve named it Abstract X.

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