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Walking through Canyon X, near Page, Arizona, it quickly became apparent that the photographic opportunities were numerous, and the only limitation would be time. There is fun and challenges to be had photographing slot canyons, where one can focus on the big picture or the small details, focus on the gentle curves of the sandstone or the sharp cracks that have formed over time. In this image, I got to capture everything in one frame.

I don’t know if the tumbleweed fell naturally from the canyon entrance above or whether it was placed deliberately, but this is how I came across it that day. I was enamored by the gentle curves of the sandstone, created over the centuries by rushing water through the canyon. Contrast that with the sharp edges and the change in rock grain that is cuts through the farm horizontally. Then, to have a simple piece of tumbleweed sitting precariously on a gently sloped ledge and the softly muted oranges radiating their glow.

What a beautiful place. I hope to go back someday.

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