Open Edition Prints

You may have noticed that none of the photographs on this site have a copyright watermark. I don’t want to spoil an image by putting a watermark on it, and I’d like to believe that most people would respect the time and effort that has gone into capturing and making an image.

In that spirit, please know the following:

     - Except for images displayed in the Limited Edition Prints gallery, almost all photographs on this website are available for sale as an open edition.  Simply contact me to discuss sizing, material, and a reasonable price.  Please note that due to rules associated with Uluru and Kata Tjuta in Australia, those images are not for sale.

     - Non-profit organizations can purchase photographs for the cost of printing material and shipping only.

     - All photographs on this website are copyrighted and may not be used commercially without my express written consent. Please just ask.

     - Art should be shared, and shared as freely as possible. So, for non-commercial uses, I subscribe the the Creative Commons License approach.

Creative Commons Licenses provide a way for you view, share, and keep my photographs with just a few, fair guidelines and restrictions, summarized as: Attribution, Noncommerical, and No Derivative Works. In simple language, this means you can share, copy, distribute, display and/or transmit any of my pictures on this web site if you:

     - Provide attribution to Jeff Henry and a link to (or listing the web site address for offline media) when using the image (Attribution);

     - Do not use the image for any commercial purposes whatsoever under any circumstances (Noncommercial); and,

     - Do not alter the image in any way; only verbatim copies of the images are allowed (No Derivative Works).

I also ask that when providing attribution for my work, you do not imply that you or your use of my work is connected to, sponsored by, or endorsed by me, unless you have my written permission. If you really want to read the entire lawyer-speak version of the Attribtuion-Noncommerical-NoDerivs 3.0 license, you can do so here.

All images are Copyright Jeff Henry, 2008-2018.

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