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Through the Clouds

Through the Clouds

There are some places where the photos are more plentiful. Places where ever new view and vista presents a compelling image waiting to be captured. Places where it is almost difficult to take a bad image. New Zealand's South Island is one of those places.

I took a long weekend last year and, after flying into Queenstown, I drove north towards the glaciers on the South Island's west side. This drive took me from cold alpine regions all the way down through rain forests to the rocky and jagged coastline. One the way I passed by numerous lakes with turquoise blue water being whipped into small whitecaps by the winds rushing down the surrounding mountains, while overhead the clouds danced in their own way to the same winds.

I had to stop myself from pulling the car over at every possible opportunity, lest I not reach my destination before midnight. But, this view caught my eye and I couldn't resist pulling to the gravel edge of the road, watching the scene develop for a few minutes, and then setting up my tripod to capture the image.

The initial capture was a bit flat and boring, but I knew the underlying elements where there for a good image: the clouds, the ridge lines, the snow dusted peaks. A little crafting would be needed, but the elements were there. What you see is the end result: an image that captures the brilliance of the scene as well as the mood.

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