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A Circular Reflection

A Circular Reflection

Circular Pool, in Karijini National Park’s Dale Gorge, is a place of tranquility.

I visited Circular Pool twice. Once during the middle of the day, after a relatively easy 2 hour hike, though I hadn't brought along enough water. Rookie mistake. A few days later, after making the steep hike down into the gorge, including climbing down a few metal ladders, I arrived back at Circular Pool early in the morning. For the next few hours I had the entire place to myself.

Circular Pool is located at the very end (or beginning) of the gorge. The rock walls, forming a semicircle, rise a hundred meters or more straight up into the sky, and this results in a soft glow of light for a few hours after the sun rises. Eventually the sun is high enough to illuminate the gorge floor and the Pool, but in the few hours before that happens, Circular Pool is a magical place to photograph.

The weather had warmed steadily during my time at Karijini, and by this day the water was cool but not cold. I slipped off my shoes and socks, waded into the water, and set up my tripod in a spot that afforded this view. With the water thigh high, I carefully composed this image in my mind, under no rush as most people in the park were still sound asleep. With no wind to move the leaves, and only the slightest trace of water flowing in the pool, I knew that a long exposure was what I wanted. Over the next few minutes, I made this large long exposure panorama.

The peacefulness, tranquility, and serenity of Circular Pool made time stand still while I was there, which this image portrays.

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