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Fragile Droplets

Fragile Droplets

Flowers are a great photographic subject…when you find the right flower. So many times I see a great flower, but it is half dead, or bugs have eaten away a portion which just ruins any photographic potential. This image is one of the few times when I've found a flower outside that actually looked good enough to capture.

It was on the Coromandel Pennisula that we came across this beautiful private garden. The owners must have spent years, and quite a bit of money, making it into a spectacular example of what is possible. We actually got to meet the gardner who was working on a small section that day. She was nice and gave us a brief tour, before letting us wander the paths and enjoy the sights.

The rain had stopped just before we arrived, and many of the flowers were still covered with small dropets of crystal clear water. I knew the droplets would add to an image, if I could find the right flower. It took a bit of hunting, getting up close and personal with the many different flowers and blooms to find the right grouping, but in the end I found this.

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