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The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is, as the name implies, great. The sheer size and scope of the project–a project that was completed before most countries on this planet existed–is hard to fully comprehend without seeing and standing on it.
I remember the first time I visited the Great Wall in 1989. Yeah, there were tourists there, but not many. Today it’s hard to find a section of the Wall near Beijing that isn’t overrun by hawkers, tourists, and bull-horn using tour guides. Unless, that is, you visit a more remote section of the Wall during the dead of Winter. That’s what I did when I captured this image. It was a cold January day and had snowed a bit the previous days; it was blustery with the wind sweeping down from Siberia and Mongoalia, sucking the warmth out of everything one its journey.
The hike was five or six hours, but it was fun. I only saw three other people on the Wall that day, which made it the best experience possible. It was just me, two small cameras, several rolls of film, and a couple bottles of water. Perfect.

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