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Serenity of the Moment

Serenity of the Moment

Weano Gorge's Handrail Pool is one of the "must visit" spots in Karijini National Park. It's easily accessible, just a easy hike down into and then along Weano Gorge. Of course, then you come to the section just before the pool, which is more difficult given how the gorge walls come together, the water picks up speed, and the rocks become more slippery. But, then you reach the entrance to Handrail Pool, and you realize you've entered a world of natural beauty, tranquility, and peace.

Even after getting to Handrail Pool, one still needs to climb down the rock face. That's how the pool got its name: the handrail that was installed to help people get down (it is visible to the right of the small waterfall). Once I climbed down, shed my backpack and was able to take a moment, I realized how special this place was.

I was the only one there for most of my time. Alone with my thoughts, the sound of water flowing down the rocks and echoing in the cavern, and the slowly fading light as the sun slipped below the gorge rim.

I've photographed incredible scenes throughout the world, but I don't remember a time where I was so at peace while capturing images as I was standing in Handrail Poll, the cool water flowing over my feet and around my tripod and the sounds of silence being my only companion. I spent quite a while in this spot, not just capturing images but just enjoying the serenity of the moment.

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