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Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Otherworldly is the easiest way to describe the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park in Western Australia. Located less than a three hour drive north of Perth, and within sight of the Indian Ocean, the Pinnacles are a series of of limestone formations that rise eerily out of the desert sand.

Visiting the Pinnacles during the day is an experience shared with other tourists, who have traveled to this remote area almost solely to see the thousands of pinnacles. But, visiting during sunrise or sunset is a completely different experience: a solitary encounter with the formations, where beyond the occasional sound of an animal, one is left only with the beautiful scenery and the constant dull roar of Indian Ocean waves crashing into the nearby coastline.

This image was captured during sunrise during one of my mornings in the park. I arrived early, the first car entering into the park that day, hours before the ticket seller arrived at his post, and would be done photographing and have exited the park before anybody else even arrived. The previous day I had scouted the location I wanted to set up, and was there just as the horizon started to lighten with the coming sun.

Honestly, I thought the sunrise photography attempt was going to be a bust. But, at just the right moment, the clouds began to part, exposing the clear sky beyond. It must have been the same beyond the ridge I was facing, because that is the only way the sun would have been able to paint a small portion of the sky a deep orange, which radiated outwards as a deep blue and purple. What ever caused it, it appeared the land beyond the ridge was aflame, with the fire casting its red and orange glow on the clouds above.

Over just as quickly as it appeared, the fire died out and the sun rose above the horizon.

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